Mr Hua grow light 200 watt COB

Mr Hua 200 watt cob
Mr. Hua 200 watt cob

I just purchased the new 200 watt LED COB grow light from Mr. Hua. It has nice specs, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it does growing peppers. Currently, I have it over a couple Khang Starr crosses that I transplanted from small Kratky containers; a KhangSta Red and a StarrRacha Bonnet.

Here are the product details:

Dimensions: 23x4x3.5inches
Item Weight: 4.8lb
Max Coverage at 24″ Height 5x5ft
Core Coverage at 24″ Height 4x3ft
HPS/HID Replacement: 600W HPS/HID
Avg. Power Draw: 200W
LED Quantities: 3pcs* 200 watt Integrated COB Bridgelux LEDs
LED Lens: 120 Degree
Input Voltage: AC100-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Warranty: 3 years

Here is a video showing the unboxing, tests and setup:

How to smoke peppers for the dehydrator

This is a process I use for adding smoke flavor and aroma to dried peppers. This works for both fresh and frozen peppers. I smoke them first, then add to the dehydrator.

Parts needed


  1. Perforate the bottom of a disposable baking pan with a knife. Wash and de-stem peppers, cut in half, then place in baking pan.
  2. Prepare the grill, setting the bottom and top vents to about a 3/16″ gap, lay a piece of aluminum foil (10 x 12 inch) on one end of the bottom grate. Poke a few holes in the aluminum foil with a knife.
  3. Start a small amount of charcoal, about 10 12 briquettes (easier if you are using another grill for cooking, you can make more).
  4. Place the hot coals on the aluminum foil, and dump a few handfuls of smoking wood on top.
  5. Place the top grate on the grill, and set the baking pan of peppers on top, on the opposite side of the wood chips.
  6. Cover and let smoke for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Remove peppers and place in dehydrator trays.
  8. Dry for 24 – 36 hours, or until peppers are ‘cracker dry’.


StarrRacha Hornet f4

StarrRacha Hornet f4

Capsicum chinense


This is a cross made by Khang Starr of Reaper and MOA Scotch Bonnet.


This is a plant I grew, seeds were from Khang Starr.

Amount eaten: Whole pod
Heat: 7
Burn Profile: Overall mouth, tongue.
Effects:  Salivation, hiccups.
Cap Cramps:  None.


The flavor was floral and sweet. The heat was on the upper end, not as hot as a Reaper, but up there in heat.


Bih Jolokia update

My hydroponic Bih Jolokia plant almost died when the air pump stopped working. The curled and dropped, and it developed severe root rot. I pruned the roots and branches and washed the roots with a water hose.  I changed out the nutrients several times, treating with 2-3 dropperfuls of 35% h2o2.  I moved the plant to a smaller grow tent under smaller veg lights. It has made a significant improvement, root rot is gone and there is a lot of fresh regrowth coming back.