Chocolate Primo Reaper (CPR)

Chocolate Primo Reaper (CPR)

Chocolate Primo Reaper whole pod

Capsicum chinense

This was discovered and stabilized by Butch Taylor. He wasn’t sure if it was Primo or Reaper, so the name has both. The plant is very slow growing and slow to produce. It needs a very extended growing season. It is not a heavy producer when it does produce.

Heat: 6
Flavor: 2
Burn Profile: Mostly mouth, tongue, roof of mouth
Effects: None
Cap Cramps Potential: Fairly bad cramps within an hour of eating the pod

This is one of the worst tasting pods I’ve ever eaten. It started out floral and slightly sweet, then turned bitter. It tasted like I was eating ear wax. I absolutely hated it. The only thing I like about this pepper is the pods are very cool looking. Flavor is awful. The heat is not that extreme, not nearly as hot as Reaper or Primo. Originally I gave it a seven on heat, but after reflection, bumped it down to 6.

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