Pepper Powder

Pepper powder is very simple to make. You first dehydrate the peppers, then crush them to the consistency that you want. For a very fine powder, using something like a smoothie maker (nutri bullet, nutri ninja, etc…). For more granular, flaky consistency, use a mortar and pestle. Powder/flakes taste better if the seeds are removed. For storing the bulk of your powder or flakes, it’s best to use a vacuum sealer. This will prevent the absorption of moisture from the air. Moisture will make the powder cake, and decrease the shelf life dramatically.

How to make pepper powder:

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Dehydrating and storing basics:

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Links to all the products I used or referenced in the videos:

Presto Dehydro dehydrator
Bella Blender
FoodSaver vacuum sealer
Jar Sealer – Make sure to get right size sealer for what you use. I’ve read that the wide mouth works better than regular. Wide mouth is what I use, have had no problems at all with it.
Storage tubes

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