Congo, Peach

Peach Congo

Peach Congo pods

Peach Congo pod cut open

Capsicum chinense

This Congo strain was created by The plant was short but productive. My results differed from the description on the pepperlover site which said there were no floral or bitter tones. I got a lot of both on my taste test.

Heat: 5
Flavor: 5
Burn Profile: Tongue and roof of mouth
Effects: None
Cap Cramps: None

Pod test of Peach Congo, which is a large hab-like Capsicum chinense. The seed for my plant came from The pod was huge so I only ate half for the review. I ate the tip end first, and flavor on it was habby, slightly floral tasting with some sweetness. It was a little citrusy too. The placenta end was hotter, more floral and had some bitter aftertaste. The heat was a little hotter than regular habanero. It stayed on my tongue and and after eating the hotter side, hit the roof of the mouth.

Video review:

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