Habanero, Orange

Orange Habanero

Orange Habanero whole

Orange Habanero cut open

Capsicum chinense

The Orange Habanero is a very popular chinense pepper, often used in cooking. The peppers can be found at most local grocery stores, but can easily be grown as well. The plant is very hardy and productive. The estimated Scovilles are 100,000 to 350,000 on average.

Heat: 4
Flavor: 6
Burn Profile: Stingy overall mouth
Effects: None
Cap Cramps Potential: None

This particular pod was from seed that came off my 2015 season hab plant. Apparently a pod from that plant fell on the ground, and a seed germinated and sprouted. The flavor was the best of any hab I’ve eaten. It was very fruity and crunchy. It had upfront immediate heat that peak early.

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