Piment Leopard

Piment Leopard

Piment Leopard pod

Piment Leopard pod in hand

Capsicum chinense

The Piment Leopard is a cross between Bhut Jolokia and Pimenta de Neyde. This strain was created by Italian growers. The colors range from dark purple/black to very bright red.

Heat: 5
Flavor: 6
Burn Profile: Mostly tongue some roof of the mouth and some towards back of throat.
Effects: None
Cap Cramps Potential: None

The Piment Leopard that I reviewed was sent to me by 96Strat from thp. The flavor was similar to Bhut but was fruity and slightly sweet. There was some bitter after taste after swallowing, but that went away soon. It gave me pretty string hiccups right away. The heat stayed mostly on the tongue, some crept toward the back of my throat. The heat level on this one was between habanero and Bhut, but probably a little closer to habanero.

Video review:

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