Black Bhutlah Scorpion

Black Bhutlah Scorpion

Black Bhutlah Scorpion

Black Bhutlah Scorpion measured

Black Bhutlah Scorpion cut open

Capsicum chinense

This superhot was grown by Andrew Whitaker (aka 96Strat on thp). The strain was created by Tony Rose (Scorched on thp). This pod wasn’t a perfect example of Black Bhutlah Scorpion. The grower shared this picture with me of one of the earlier pods. This is what they are supposed to look like. They are also typically much hotter than the one I tried. The grower and I think the off shape and lesser heat is due to it being a late season pod.

Good pheno Black Bhutlah Scorpion. Photo by Andrew Whitaker

Heat: 6
Flavor: 5
Burn Profile: Overall mouth, tongue
Effects: Some tingling on head soon after swallowing
Cap Cramps Potential: Very mild to none

The initial flavor was earthy, slightly sweet and slightly floral. The taste after swallowing was more floral and a little ‘soapy’. The flavor didn’t linger much after. The initial heat was strong, brought hiccups, head started tingling. It peaked early. The heat was mostly overall mouth and tongue. I only ate half the pod, but comparing the other one, it was only a little more that a gram less and heat was less than half.

Video review:

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