Unknown pod test (Possibly Madballz x Bhutlah)

Unknown, possibly Madballz x Bhutlah

Unknown superhot, whole pod

Unknown superhot measured

Unknown superhot cut open

Capsicum chinense

Super hot cross grown by Andrew Whitaker (aka 96Strat on thp)

Heat: 10
Flavor: 6
Burn Profile: Extreme back of throat, Eustacian tubes, then all over mouth
Effects: Some dizzyness, couldn’t stay still
Cap Cramps Potential: Moderate to severe

The inside had a lot of placenta, and coated with a beige lining. The aroma could be smelled immediately after cutting open. The flavor initally was tangy, after swallowing got hit with some floralness then overwhelmed with heat. The heat was the most intense I’ve experienced in a while, probably one of, if not, the hottest pod of 2016. It only weighed 4 grams, but was extremly hot. It seized the back of my throat almost immediately, felt like hot coal. While it was hitting my throat, I also felt it in my Eustacian tubes. It peaked after a few minutes, released my throat and moved to my mouth. Had an overall mouth burn as the effects dimimished. I had fairly intense cap cramps about 30-40 minutes after, and they lasted for about 45 minutes.

Video review:

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