2017 Grow – Update 3 – Indoor hydroponics pepper garden

All of my pepper seeds have germinated in hydro (mostly AeroGardens), except for White Bhut W Strain. I’m going to start some more of those soon to see if I can get one to come up. I also will start a few more different types. I built the new version of my low-pressure aeroponics (sprayaponics) system, and moved my Helios Hab to it. It is in my 24″ x 24″ grow tent under the 216 watt (actual 65) UFO LED. I have a fan mounted at the top. The pump and fan are both on a minute cycle timer running 5 minutes on/off. I potted up 5 of the largest plants from the AeroGardens, putting then in 20 oz Styrofoam cups, using Fox Farm Light Warrior. Three of the potted up plants are in the grow tent with the Helios Hab. The ones that were potted up were El Scorponero f2, Puerto Rican Yellow Hab, Reaper x Moruga f3, Brazilian Red Olive and Peach Moruga Scorpion. I shot a lot of video on the build process of the low-pressure aeroponic system and will post it in a couple of weeks. It is an improved design from the one I made last year. It has a double bucket system which allows for a deeper reservoir. The design allows for easy change of nutrients without ever having to disturb the roots. The pump is accessible from outside the growing chamber.

Here’s video from my grow update:

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