2017 Grow Update #5 – 03/04/17


Aji Painapple and other plants

Basement plants

The Jamaican Hot Chocolate, Tien Tsin, Yellow Chilltepin and Thai Dragon look great. The JHC is starting to block light on the other plants, so I’ll prune that back some today or tomorrow.

The Helios Has in the improved low-pressure aeroponics system is starting to take off. I recently changed out the nutrients for a stronger formula. I also switched off the interval timer so the pump and fan run continuously now. I couldn’t tell that 5 minutes intervals was helping. I will post a video on how I made that soon.

Upstairs plants/AeroGardens

I moved my rack upstairs and have a bunch of the potted up peppers, some Kratky containers, my DWC seed starter and one of the AeroGardens. I’m still working on setting that up. I’ll add two more shop lights to in the next day or so. I also have plans to make a small Kratky herb container which will sit on there as well.

D3’s Aji Painapple f2 is doing really well. It’s growing at least 5 times faster than everything else. I’ve taken a few cuttings for cloning and all the ones that were put in the AeroGarden have produced roots. I have another that I put in a Kratky bottle. I haven’t seen any roots come out of the sponge yet, but it’s probably just taking a little longer. From the top side it looks just as good as the others. My AeroGarden Sprout with the seed start deck is working great for starts. I have have several new peppers and various herbs coming up in it now. There are a lot of Kratky bottles of different sizes around the AeroGardens that are doing well. Some have peppers, and some herbs.


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