2017 Grow Update #7 – 4/2/17


This update is for all my peppers, herbs, and other edibles as of April 2, 2017. I currently have plants outside on the porch, in my kitchen and in the basement. The plants continue to do well a few issues but I’m managing it.


The three plants on the porch are Yellow Chiltepin, in a Kratky container, Thai Dragon and Tien Tsin, both in self-watering buckets. They are doing fine, the Thai Dragaon and Tien Tsin look a little rough, partly do to high winds blowing them over, and adjusting to outdoors. Overall they look good, both have pods. The pods on the Thai Dragon are ripening.


The kitchen plants look great, except having some issues with the Aji Painapple mother plant. I think the problem is over-fertilization. I changed out the solution with weaker strength nutrients. I also added an air stone (although probably unnecessary). The Jay’s Red Ghost Scorpion cross/mutation? f2 is looking awesome. The plant from last year was one of the largest and most fruitful of any I grew. The pods were rounder with short tails, looked more like Scorpion, almost resembled Butch T Scorpion. I’m going to keep growing it out as it was one of my favorites of 2016.


The basement plants look good. The ones currently under the 400 watt CMH are the Jamaican Hot Chocolate and two White Devil’s Tails, each in a different version of 5 gallon wick system.  There are also a couple small wick cups placed on one of the buckets, a Malagheta and Aji Painapple cone. The ones in the grow tent are doing well. Most are wick cups that are wicking from solution in a 10 gallon tote. There are a few others placed around in self-contained wicking cups. Mostly peppers, but there are a few cukes, a Sour Gherkin, and a tomato.


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