Chemilizer Fert Injector Unboxing

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Hydro Systems Chemilizer

New Fert Injector

I just received my Hydro Systems Chemilizer fertilizer injector to use with my drip irrigation system this year. I also bought a by-pass assembly. This will make it easy to remove or turn off the injector if needed by adjusting the shutoff valves.

Why I chose this model

I was debating between the Chemilizer, MixRite and Dosatron models. I choose the Chemilzer because of its price point, low-flow capability and ability to isolate the ferts from the pump mechanism. It also does not require filtration. You could pump pond water through it and it’d be fine. I’ll be filtering mine anyway, since it’s on a drip system.  Plus there is a filter on the bypass assembly, in addition to the inline filter I already have. Another bonus with the Chemilizer is the cost to maintain and replace parts as needed is relatively inexpensive. It has a two year warranty too, instead of a one year offered by the other brands.

Where I purchased it

I bought the Chemilizer and bypass through Nolt’s Greenhose and Supplies. You have to look at their PDF, and order by phone, but the people there are friendly and knowledgeable. They also have the best prices and selection and don’t overcharge on shipping.

How I will use this

I plan to install and use this with the drip irrigation system that I purchased from Drip Depot (another great company). I’m planning to mount the injector and by-pass to the top of a hand cart (dolly), and strap a 5-gallon bucket reservoir to the bottom of the cart. This should hold it up off the ground and make it easy to re-position as needed. I got the idea of this from another product that Nolt’s sells to compliment the Chemilizer. They had a nicer looking storage res, but the the hand cart looked like one you could get anywhere.


I will use Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 plant food. The reason is, it is an all-in-one solution and I can use with just one fert injector.  If I used my Masterblend, Epsom Salt and Calcium Nitrate  mix,   I’d need two fert injectors to keep the Calcium Nitrate concentrate separate, which would take my system way over budget. I’ve heard great things about Dyna-Gro. I’ll keep using Masterblend for everything else.


I’ll post updates and videos on how this works throughout the season. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to see bi-weekly video updates showing the progress.


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