2017 Grow update #10 – 5/14/17

Blue Christmas


Plants are doing well. I’m almost done hardening off the ones that will go on the drip system. I’m also re-doing my drip lines to make it a little more efficient and redundant. My wick buckets seem to be doing well. The leaves are a little smaller than the non-wick bucket counterparts. The CARDI Yellow Scorpion in the wick bucket is starting to push out fruit, as of now there are around 10 -1 2 pods.

I found some aphids on my Helios Hab that’s in the low-pressure aeroponic setup outside. I mixed up a fresh batch of pyrethrin  spray from concentrate (1 Tbsp + 32 oz water) in a spray bottle and hit all the porch plants with it.

I ordered more tubing and connectors for my drip system from drip depot. I should have everything operation by end of the week.


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