Cold weather almost killed a few of my peppers

A couple nights ago, the temps dropped to low-mid thirties. The only plants I have outside now are on the porch. The forecast low was 39 degree F.

6:30 am

All the plants looked fine. There was ice on the windshield and roof of the car.

11:30 am

Several plants were badly wilted. A few were unaffected. Both CARDI Yellow Scorpions badly wilted, the PI creme hab and White Devil’s Tails looked bad. The lower leaves of the Mayan plant were dropped.

4:30 pm

All but two had recovered. I thought those two were dead for sure. The two that still looked bad were the CARDI Yellow Scorpion in the small hempy container and the PI creme hab.

7:30 pm

At around 7:30 pm , all the plants appeared to have recovered. I’m grateful they didn’t die, and will be more careful in the future when temps approach anywhere below 40.


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