How to save on AeroGarden sponges

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You can cut your costs in half for AeroGarden sponges by buying the 60 cell size Bio Dome refill sponges from Park Seed.  You can buy the Park Seed sponges directly from Park Seed of course, but Amazon also sells them. The Amazon price is usually a little higher, but the shipping costs at Park Seed might offset the difference. Sometimes they offer free shipping, or other specials. I’m not an affiliate of Park Seed, but you can sign up for their newsletter learn of specials they have. The AeroGarden sponges can be found at the AeroGarden website and Amazon.  All things considered, the biodome sponges are roughly about half the cost, and work just as well. Honestly I like using them better.

There are some slight differences. The AeroGarden type are round and denser. The Park Seed version’s sides are squared off, and less dense/more spongy. They are about the same length.

The biodome sponges fit in the white AeroGarden baskets just fine. You might have to pull it down from the bottom to snug it in. The biodome sponges also seem to work better in the AeroGarden seed starting decks.  Once they become wet, they expand and fill the hole better than the AeroGarden sponges.


I get commissions for purchases made through the following links. This is at no extra cost to you and helps support my site and YouTube channel.

2 Replies to “How to save on AeroGarden sponges”

  1. Do you have a problem with algae growing on the top of the Park sponges? I have bad algae growth on top of the Park sponges. I don’t recall such bad algae growth on the Aero Garden refills. Thanks.

    1. I’ve gotten it on both. It goes away after the plants get bigger, and the leaves block out the light more. You can put some foil, or something around the base of the plant too, which will block light.

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