Pepper Grow Update #11

GROW UPDATE  #11 – 5/28/17

I’ve got the drip system setup and I re did my drip lines. I’ve got 32 plants put out. I reused my bags and mix from last year, some are 7 gallon, some are 10 gallon.

I have enough room to put one more pair on the ends of each line. I’ll probably do that since I have some extra plants that need homes.

So far they seem to be doing well. The Blue Christmas doesn’t look quite as good, it’s real droopy and I’m wondering if it’s because it’s the only one that was in Kratky setup. Maybe it’s not adapting well, so I mixed in some more perlite around the roots, maybe that’ll give it more aeration. All the others seem to be doing fine with it.

I also hooked up my fert injector. I’m not 100% sure it’s working properly, it was not drawing the solution up initially. But after messing with it some it started to work. It’s pushing nutrients through but when I tested it coming out, it was around 200 ppm. But it is on the low range on what Dyna-gro suggests for drip irrigation on 1:100 ratio injectors, which is 10 to 18 ounces per gallon. I mixed 10 ounces per gallon,so I may just need to increase it, but I want to make sure everything’s working properly before I do that.

The Aji Painapple, which was in the AeroGarden was moved to a big wick bucket. I think it’s still adjusting but it’s not looking the best.

The Kratky Chiltepin is starting to look better.

CARDI Yellow Scorpion in the wick bucket has around 20 pods on it. The CARDI Yellow Scorpion in the hempy bucket is growing really well. It’s not putting out fruits yet, but it does have some flowers on it.

The self watering container White Devil’s Tail and other one in the wick bucket both look good.

The five gallon low pressure aeroponics system with the Helios Hab looks good. I just changed the nutrients out on it.

My Jamaican Hot Chocolate has problems. I just changed the nutrients and it smelled really bad. I felt under there and the roots were slimy. It has root rot, probably because I let it dry out a couple times. The roots are packed in there. I’ve got two air stones going. I think instead of trying to work on it, I’m just going to take some really good branch cuttings and try to propagate it for next year, just let this one go.

Then I can use this space for something else.


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