Shishito peppers

Shishito plant

Shishito pods on plant

Capsicum annuum


The Shishito pepper a Capsicum annuum originating in Japan/Eastern Asia. The fruits are typically 3-4 inches long and wrinkly. The peppers are usually eaten green and cooked, often grilled, fried or broiled. If left to ripen, they turn red. The flavor is mild, but occasionally one will be spicy. It is related and similar looking to the Spanish Padron pepper. It is believed that the name Shishito comes from the tip end resembling the head of a lion, which is called ‘Shishi’ in Japan. It has been a Japanese cuisine specialty for many years, but has gained increasing popularity in the United States since 2000.


Heat: 0
Flavor: Mild, slightly sweet, distinct flavor
Burn Profile: No heat on the ones I sampled
Effects: None
Cap Cramps Potential: None


I tried on pod raw. It had a sour/tangy bell pepper smell. The flavor was very mild, almost celery like. I cooked two other pods in oil. I probably over-cooked them a little, but I wanted to try them the way they are eaten traditionally. I added a little salt after they were cooked. They cooked pods were delicious, left me wanting for more. I hope my plant does well and produces a lot so I can eat more of these.


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