Time lapse of AeroGarden Sprout from 2016

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AeroGarden Sprout Timelapse

This is a time lapse from 2016 of my CFL AeroGarden Sprout, growing the three pod herb kit that came with it; Basil, Dill, and Parsley.

The AeroGarden Sprout has been a nice system. I use it mostly now for seed starting. The seed starter deck can start up to 9 plants at a time.  You could really more than that if you plant more than one seed per pod and separate the seedlings early on.

The time-lapse was taken in my office, set up and post time lapse compilation was done by my co-worker Phillip.

We started it on 5/16/16 and ended on 6/5/16. The time lapse was started when the first sprout emerged. The plants grew a lot bigger and fuller after the time lapse period.


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Video Transcript

00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:02,620
Hi this is Peter Stanley, welcome to my channel.

00:00:02,840 –> 00:00:06,920
This is a quick 37 second video I’ve been sitting on for a while

00:00:06,920 –> 00:00:09,180
It’s a time lapse of my AeroGarden Sprout

00:00:09,460 –> 00:00:10,660
the one on the left

00:00:10,920 –> 00:00:12,360
eventually sprouted

00:00:12,500 –> 00:00:13,620
that was Parsley

00:00:13,620 –> 00:00:14,660
The one in the middle is Dill

00:00:14,660 –> 00:00:16,120
on the right is Italian Basil

00:00:16,120 –> 00:00:19,520
and they got much much bigger than this, but this was only

00:00:20,220 –> 00:00:22,940
what we captured in a about I think a 21 day

00:00:23,300 –> 00:00:24,020
time frame

00:00:24,020 –> 00:00:26,600
my friend Phillip did the setup for the camera

00:00:27,380 –> 00:00:29,300
recording and editing of the

00:00:29,940 –> 00:00:30,580
the video

00:00:30,700 –> 00:00:32,620
I just want to give him credit

00:00:32,840 –> 00:00:33,700
Just wanted to share that

00:00:33,700 –> 00:00:34,260
Hope you liked that

00:00:34,460 –> 00:00:35,980
thank you for watching

00:00:35,980 –> 00:00:37,732
and please like, comment and subscribe

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