JRGS x Unknown f2 pod review

Jay’s Red Ghost Scorpion x Unknown f2

Capsicum chinense

JRGS x Unknown f2


When I originally grew this it was supposed to be Jay’s Red Ghost Scorpion. The plant produced off pheno pods that were round with tails, and more scorpion like. It was one of the best producing and hottest plants I had that year, so I saved some isolated seed and grew it again. The f2 is producing yellow pods of a different shape, a little more elongated with no defined tail, although they do taper down to a point. The texture from both f1 and f2 are similar bumpy exterior.


Pod weight: 10.2 grams
Amount eaten: 1/4 pod
Heat: 6
Flavor:  8 – Citrus/fruity
Burn Profile: All over mouth burn
Effects: None
Cap Cramps:  None


I shared this with my friend and co-worker Phillip. The pod was pod not as hot as the original red version but flavor was much better. There was no really floral/chinense flavor/smell at all. It was all citrus/fruity, no bitterness.


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Here is what the f1 looked like.

JRGS x unknown f1

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