Brazilian Red Olive pod test

Brazilian Red Olive

Brazilian Red Olive pepper
Brazilian Red Olive

Capsicum baccatum


This is a Capsicum baccatum that has an olive shape and size.  It ripens from green to red. My seeds came from Semillas La Palma. The plant is large and very prolific.


Pod weight: 3.6 grams
Amount eaten: Whole pod
Heat: 2
Flavor:  8 – Slightly sweet
Burn Profile: Little heat on tip of tongue
Effects: None
Cap Cramps:  None


The pod I ate was very dense. When I cut it open it had thick walls, lots of seeds and juice. The flavor was hard to describe, but similar to other red baccatums.  It tasted a lot like Brazilian Starfish but a little less sweet. It had some heat, but not much, mostly focused on my tongue.


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