Chocolate unreaper f2

Chocolate UnReaper f2

Capsicum chinense

Chocolate UnReaper f2 pods
Chocolate UnReaper f2


The seeds for this came out of a pod sent to me by Andrew Whittaker (aka 96Strat on thp). It was the only chocolate pod from a red unReaper plant. The UnReaper is an unknown Reaper cross.


Pod weight: 7.1 grams
Amount eaten: 1/8 pod
Heat: 8
Flavor:  7 – 7-Pot like, slightly floral and sweet
Burn Profile: All over mouth burn
Effects: saliva, sweat
Cap Cramps:  None


When I cut it open, it was very oily and loaded with placenta. Phillip and I each ate 1/8 of a pod. It smelled and tasted similar to 7-Pot Douglah, a little floral and slightly sweet. The heat was delayed, but when it started and then ramped up, it got very intense.


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