Kpakpo Shito cross f2 pod test

Kpakpo Shito x unknown f2

Capsicum chinense

Kpakpo Shito cross f2
Kpakpo Shito cross f2


The original seed was from a seed train and labeled Kpakpo Shito. When I grew it last year it didn’t resemble any pics of Kpakpo Shito I had seed. This year’s plant looks very similar to the one from last season. The plant is very prolific. the pods have larger calyxes that bleed through the stem. Flavor and smell is 7-Pot like with intense heat. It reminds me a lot of 7-Pot Bubblegum. Maybe that is what it was crossed with.


Pod weight: 2.7 grams
Amount eaten: 1/2 pod
Heat: 8
Flavor:  6 – 7-Pot like, slightly sweet/tangy
Burn Profile: Creeper, but intense focused
Effects: None
Cap Cramps:  None


The pod was very oily inside. It had a strong 7-Pot smell. Flavor was a little floral, slightly sweet and tangy. The heat was delayed but when it started, it focused on one point of my tongue, felt like it was going all the way through. Eventually the heat moved around. Before it peaked it had made its way to the back of my throat and then my Eustachian tubes.


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