Pepper grow update 8/19/17

Hydroponic Helios Habs
Hydroponic Helios Habs

Grow Update

The peppers are in full swing. Every plant has lots of fruits. Most of them have ripe pods. I’m very happy with the progress. Every year there are always a few that aren’t few that are crossed. Sometimes I really like the crosses and continue to grow them out, such as the Jay’s Red Ghost Scorpion x unknown f2, yellow pheno I have now. Another is the Kpakpo Shito x unknown f2. The new ones for this year are the not 7-Pot Olive (producing brown pods), not Peach Moruga Scorpion. This one appears to be a seed mixup maybe. I looks like it might be a Peach Carbonero. I’ll show pics to the original grower and ask him about it. My Swiss Chocolate also appears possible crossed. They haven’t ripened yet, but the pods are way larger than the original. The seeds came from an un-isolated pod so the chance it is crossed is greater. It might be something I love and continue to grow though. Will have to see after some ripen. I harvested a bunch off the porch yesterday. Have most of them in the dehydrator, some were vac sealed and frozen.

Pods from porch peppers
Pods from porch peppers
Peppers in dehydrator
Peppers in dehydrator
vac sealed peppers
vac sealed peppers


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4 Replies to “Pepper grow update 8/19/17”

  1. Hello,Dear friend Peter~
    I live in Taiwan and first of all that I really wanna thank you for the introductions
    about every steps of pepper’s planting,you are truly nice and the greatest one I’ve ever known for a gardener.
    It’s so beautiful a garden that you show for us ( including all the viewers online).
    Especially one of the pretty pepper plants”Aji Charapita”,my friend told me about this rare pepper plant from Peru religion &Amazon’s the jungle,I saw it in your wonderful garden with so many rare and strong pepper plants.
    My friend Gina and I would like to buy the seeds,but don’t know how to get them from you.
    We believe that you are so nice a man,so would you please telling us a way to solve the question?!
    Thanks a lot~
    Sincerely with blessings Carrolle Yang

  2. Hi, Mr. Stanley I am currently working on growing Charapita’s I have one outside in a wicking bed growing slow but bushy and I have another in an indoor aquaponic system growing a lot faster but losing its leaves I live in Phoenix az other peppers in the aquaponic system are doing much better as are the ones outside. Why is the charapita in the aquaponic system loosing it’s leaves? Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi, Mr. McCarroll. I’ve no experience using aquaponics yet, I probably won’t be of much help. I hope to try it one day. I suspect some kind of deficiency, like Magnesium. But if the other plants are doing fine, it’s hard to say. Was it transferred to the aquaponic setup and then started having problems, or has it been in there a while? If it was transplanted, maybe it had some problems adjusting to the new system. If so it might straighten out on its own after a while. Good luck!

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