PI 439452 Creme

PI 439452 Creme

PI 439452 pod
PI 439452 pod

Capsicum chinense


This is a peruvian pepper. This is the only information I could find researching the ascension number. https://training.ars-grin.gov/gringlobal/accessiondetail.aspx?id=1334388  It is a very juicy, flavorful chinense variety. The seeds for mine came from Semillas La Palma.


Pod weight: 5.7 grams
Amount eaten: whole pod
Heat: 5
Flavor: 9
Burn Profile: Overall mouth burn
Effects: None
Cap Cramps:  None


This was an extremely juicy pepper. There was a tiny bit of upfront bitterness. That soon went away. It started out very tangy, then went to super fruity/sweet/tart. Every bite seemed to release more flavor. The heat was just under Thai level. It was a good overall mouth burn that was not long lasting.


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