Carbonero Creme

Carbonero, Creme

Carbonero Creme pod
Carbonero Creme pod
Carbonero Creme pods
Carbonero Creme pods

Capsicum chinense


The Carbonero Creme is a four (possible five) way cross. It is a cross between a White Jolokia and an Orange Carbonero. The Carbonero itself is a three way cross created by Tony Sherwood, between Indian Carbon Bhut, Yellow 7-Pot and Orange Habanero. I’m not sure if the White Jolokia itself is a cross, but from pics I’ve seen, it is the smooth White Bhut similar to the strain pepperlover sells. The plant is very short, but super productive.


Pod weight: 11.2 grams
Pod length: 2  1/2 inches
Pod width: 1 inch
Amount eaten: 3/4 pod
Heat: 5
Flavor: 7
Burn Profile: Overall mouth aburn
Effects: None
Cap Cramps:  None


The pod has a base sweetness, with little to no bitterness. There is some slight bitterness in the seeds and placenta, but not much. The heat is a little less than habanero give or take. Flavor is excellent. I look forward to trying it in different applications.


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