Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet

Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet

Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet cut in half
Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet

Capsicum chinense


The Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet is a cross by Stephan VG of the Netherlands. It is a Douglah crossed with a Farie Scotch Bonnet.  Most ripen to a red or reddish/rust color. The plant gets fairly large and is very productive. My seeds came from White Hot Peppers.


Pod weight: 13.8 grams
Pod length: 1  3/4 inches
Pod width: 1  1/2 inches
Amount eaten: 1/4 pod
Heat: 6
Flavor: 7
Burn Profile: Tongue, under tongue, back of
Effects: None
Cap Cramps:  Moderate, about 30 minutes after, lasting 15 minutes


The pod had more of a 7-Pot smell than it did Scotch Bonnet. The flavor was somewhere in between, kind of sweet. Heat was immediate and fairly long lasting. I estimate the heat to be around 600,000 Scovilles give or take.


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2 Replies to “Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet”

  1. Hey Peter, do these ripen to a yellow before going rust? I thought I had my placement correct and see ripening to yellow. Could just be my TFM though. Dang I was really excited for it as it has like 25 good pods ripening now! Looks Like I may have to start seeds again.

    1. Mine ripened from green to red. There is a mustard variant, you might be getting that. Those are good too. I’ve seen three, the rust color, red and the mustard. My favorite is red, but all three are great. I’m growing red and mustard this year.

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