Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet

Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet

Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet cut in half
Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet

Capsicum chinense


The Elysium Oxide Scotch Bonnet is a cross by Stephan VG of the Netherlands. It is a Douglah crossed with a Farie Scotch Bonnet.  Most ripen to a red or reddish/rust color. The plant gets fairly large and is very productive. My seeds came from White Hot Peppers.


Pod weight: 13.8 grams
Pod length: 1  3/4 inches
Pod width: 1  1/2 inches
Amount eaten: 1/4 pod
Heat: 6
Flavor: 7
Burn Profile: Tongue, under tongue, back of
Effects: None
Cap Cramps:  Moderate, about 30 minutes after, lasting 15 minutes


The pod had more of a 7-Pot smell than it did Scotch Bonnet. The flavor was somewhere in between, kind of sweet. Heat was immediate and fairly long lasting. I estimate the heat to be around 600,000 Scovilles give or take.


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