Kraken Scorpion from Jesus Rosario

Kraken Scorpion
Kraken Scorpion
Kraken Scorpion
Kraken Scorpion

Kraken Scorpion

Capsicum chinense


The Kraken Scorpion is a cross between Bhut Jolokia and Chocolate Scorpion. The originator and stabilizer of this strain is Mike Hess.


The pod I tried was grown by Jesus Rosario.

Amount eaten: half pod
Heat: 6
Flavor: 6
Burn Profile: overall mouth burn
Effects: Hiccups on the first piece
Cap Cramps:  None


I got an immediate burn while chewing, and more after swallowing. The first piece brought hiccups. It smelled very strong and floral. The flavor was less floral but slightly sweet, and earthy and smoky. The second piece tasted a little sweeter. The burn was manageable. After eating a half pod I had no cap cramps or any stomach issues after. This would probably be great dried.


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