7-Pot Peach

7-Pot Peach pod
7-Pot Peach

7-Pot, Peach

Capsicum chinense


This is a Peach colored version of the 7-Pot Strain. It is a super hot Capsicum chinense.


The seed for my plant came from Justin White at whitehotpeppers.com


Amount eaten: Whole pod
Heat: 9
Flavor: 6
Burn Profile: Severe hot coal type burn mostly back of throat
Effects: Salivation, eys watering
Cap Cramps:  None.


Upon cutting open, the pod was loaded with Capsicum oil. The initial flavors where slightly floral, sweet, clean light. The more I crunched down, I got some bitterness. The heat started in my mouth, then went for the back of my throat. It intensified to hot coal searing type of heat that lasted several minutes. I had no ill effects afterward from eating this. I think it would be great in powders/flakes and hot sauces.


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