Blue Christmas x Stavros f1

Blue Xmas x Stavros on plant
Blue Xmas x Stavros on plant

Blue Christmas x Stavros f1

Capsicum annuum


This is a cross I made in 2017 between Blue Christmas and Stavros, first time growing it out.  The Blue Christmas is a small ornamental putting out multi-color peppers. The Stavros is a Greek Pepperoncini type pepper.


The pods start out purple, then turn red. They have some faint vertical ridges like the Stavros, and general shape of Blue Christmas, but much bigger.


Amount eaten: whole pod
Heat: 1
Flavor: 7
Burn Profile: Overal tongue burn, creeper
Effects: None
Cap Cramps:  None


Phillip and I ate this right after eating a fairly hot Rocoto cross. This still brought a decent heat and was a creeper burn, which is a little unusual for annuum peppers. The flavor was nice, fruity/tangy.


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