Ecuadorian Red Rocoto x Pineaple Rocoto f2

Rocoto cross pod
Rocoto cross pod

Ecuadorian Red Rocoto x Pineapple Rocoto f2

Capsicum pubescens


This is an accidental cross between my Ecuadorian Red and Pineapple Rocotos, originally grown and discovered by Susan Garza. I sent her my saved seed from the Ecuadorian Red. The f1 pods were chocolate. This f2 pod looks more like the Pineapple Rocoto. Both the Ecuadorian Red and Pineapple Rocoto seeds originally came from


The pepper plant is currently growing in a small wicking container but will be moved to Sprayponic/ low-pressure aeroponic system soon.

Amount eaten: whole pod
Heat: 2
Flavor: 6
Burn Profile: overall mouth and tongue burn
Effects: Lots of hiccups
Cap Cramps:  None


Phillip and I try a half each from two different pods, totally one whole pod each. The pods were super juicy and gave us both immediate hiccups that lasted a while. The flavor was outstanding but we were too distracted by all the juice and hiccups to pay much attention. From what I remember it had the signature base rocoto type flavor, slighly sweet and fruity.


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