Fish Pepper

Ripe Fish Pepper pod on the plant
Ripe Fish Pepper
Unripe Fish Pepper pod
Unriped Fish Pepper

Fish Pepper

Capsicum annuum


The Fish Pepper is a very delicious Capsicum annuum, with mild to medium heat.  It is thought to be a possible cross between Cayenne and Serrano, but I couldn’t find anything definitive on that. Here are a couple good articles on the history of the Fish Pepper.

Fish Pepper: A Peculiar Pepper With Deep Roots in African-American History

Fish Pepper: Resurrecting Baltimore’s Chili Pepper Past


The seed for my plant came from a seed train on thehotpepper.


Amount eaten: Whole pod
Heat: <1
Flavor: 9
Burn Profile: Warm glow under and around my tongue.
Effects:  none
Cap Cramps:  None.


This is one of the best tasting peppers I’ve had. Upon cutting it open I could see it had medium to thick walls and very juicy. There were a lot of seeds, but not an excessive amount. The texture when eating whole was more chewy than crunchy. The flavor was mild and sweet. The heat phased in as a warm glow under my tongue. I’m looking forward to trying this in a number of things like Sriracha, kimchi, jelly, flakes, cooking, etc… It’s one I’ll grow every year now.


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