Peach Bhut SS from Richard Sawyer

Bhut Jolokia, Peach SS

Capsicum chinense


This is the selected strain (SS) that Judy from has cultivated.


This pepper was grown by Richard Sawyer.


Amount eaten: whole pod
Heat: 8
Flavor: 7
Burn Profile: Severe hot coal back of throat burn, the front of the mouth
Effects: Excessive salivation, eyes watering, some chills
Cap Cramps:  None


This had the aromatics of regular Bhut, but cleaner, fresh and citrusy. This pod had a lot of placental tissue and oil, not too many seeds. It tasted much like it smelled, citrusy, Bhut-like. There was some initial burn when chewing, but the real pain started after swallowing. The build-up was moderate, but a bit of a creeper. I had a lot of salivation, and eyes watering. I felt a heat bomb starting in my gut, but that dissipated.


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