Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach

Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach pod in hand
Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach

Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach

Capsicum chinense x C. baccatum


This is a cross between a Capsicum chinense, Bih Jolokia (cousin to Bhut Jolokia, aka Ghost pepper) and a Capsicum baccatum, Sugar Rush Peach. The plant is short and bushy but super productive, producing bright orange pods.


My seeds came from a pod sent to me by Justin White, of white hot peppers.

Amount eaten: Whole pod
Weight: 4.4 grams
Size: 2″ x 1″
Heat: 6
Flavor: 8
Burn Profile: Under tongue, moved around. Heavy creeper.
Effects:  Stomach gas, eyes watering
Cap Cramps:  None.


This pod had very thin walls with placental lining throughout. It was heavily coated with droplets of Capsicum oil. When chewing there was no immediate heat. After swallowing, it started under the tongue. It was a super creeper, taking a while to build, but it got pretty hot. The flavor was mild, fruity and sweet. I think it has a lot of applicable uses.


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