KhangSta, Red f4

KhangSta Red f4 pod
KhangSta Red f4

KhangSta Red f4

Capsicum chinense


This is a cross by Khang Starr of MOA Scotch Bonnet and Brazilian Ghost. The seeds for it came from Khang Starr. This cross is still unstable, there are several different phenos being produced at this stage.


I grew this in a five-gallon bucket using Dyna-Gro 7-9-5.

Amount eaten: 1/4 pod
Weight: 15.7 grams
Size: 2.25 in x 1.25 in
Heat: 5
Burn Profile: Glow mostly toward the back of the mouth, some creeper
Effects:  Salivation, hiccups
Cap Cramps:  None.


This was a heavy pod with thick walls, not much placental lining, but did have a membrane that traversed the entire pod. The pod contained several droplets of capsicum oil when cut open. The flavor was mild, slightly sweet, slightly floral, a little bitter finish. The heat came on fairly soon after swallowing, but a piece I tried from another pod off the same plant had more of a creeper effect. The heat was like a nice back of the mouth glow that went a little to the back of the throat but didn’t stay there long. The heat level was between habanero and ghost, but closer to the habanero range.


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