Pepper grow update 03/17/19 – 2019 update 4

Peppers in grow tent 03/17/19
Peppers 03/17/19

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This is my fourth pepper grow update for 2019. I spent a lot of time extracting plants from the hydro systems (DIY system, AeroGarden Bounty and AeroGarden Sprout) and transplanted them to 20-ounce wicking cups. I moved all of the primary plants down to the basement and put under the HLG-100 light in my grow tent. I moved the older plant that was under the HLG-100 and put outside the tent under a Mr. Hua ufo grow light.

These are items shown in the video.

HLG-100 3000K grow light –
Mr. Hua ufo LED grow light –
48″x48″x80″ grow tent –
AeroGarden Bounty –
AeroGarden Sprout –
AeroGarden Sprout seed starting deck –
Sansi 30 watt LED grow light –
Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 –

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  1. The puckering of the leaves in the close up picture is indicating that the seedlings are running out of calcium, that can be corrected when transplanted into larger containers, add a little Hi-Yield brand bone meal to the potting mix, that you can order on line or via an Ace Hardware store. Pepper leaves should always be as flat as a pancake, like you ironed them.

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