Update on HLG plant

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I’ve called it the HLG plant because it’s the only one I’ve had under my Horticulture Lighting Group HLG-100 3000K light. The pepper plant is an unknown cross with Lightning Mustard Hab and has grown prolifically. I need to make room in the tent and make use of the light for this year’s pepper starts. So I pruned it way back, and trimmed the roots, and moved it from the 27-gallon tote to a 5-gallon bucket. I also changed the nutrients from Flora Nova Grow to Dyna-Gro 7-9-5. I’ll soon move it out of the tent entirely and put it under one of my red/blue LED lights. I’ll need to sanitize the grow tent and set up space for my new pepper plants.

Most of my pepper plants have been transferred out of the seed starting system and AeroGardens, into small wicking cups. I’ll probably put most of them in tote lids so they can all feed through the wicks out of the totes.

Here are some pics of the plant I just pruned back.

Plant before pruning
Before pruning
Plant after pruning
After pruning
Plant roots
Plant after transplant
After transplant
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2 Replies to “Update on HLG plant”

  1. Why prune? Keep an eye on the cupped and wrinkled leaves which indicate low calcium, which means that the plant cannot make new cell walls. You need to feed calcium until the leaves flatten out again. For hydroponic pepper, one grower used calcium nitrate and was able to produced six foot tall Bhut Jolokia plants with 500 fruit on each plant. And no pruning, especially with that beautiful massive root-mass–let the plant grow tall, but stake them to keep them from breaking branches when they are full of hundreds of fruit.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Do you know if the Bhut received any other macro/micronutrients or just got the Calcium Nitrate?

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