KS Peach StarrKist pod review

Khang Starr Peach StarrKist
KS Peach StarrKist

KS Peach StarrKist

Capsicum chinense


The KS Peach StarrKist is a peach/orange colored pepper cross made by Khang Starr, of MOA Scotch Bonnet (mother), and Bahamian Goat (father). This is a cousin/variant pheno of KS Lemon StarrBurst and Scarlet Rose.


The seeds for my plant were given to me by Khang Starr, I believe this is an f3 or f4.

The amount eaten: 3/4 pod
Heat: 3
Flavor: 8
Burn Profile: Mouth, lips
Effects: none
Cap Cramps: none


The pod is fairly thick walled, upon cutting, smelled fruity/citrusy with a hint of hab/chinense smell. The flavor was sweet and fruity. Pieces of placenta add more bitterness. The heat level was around habanero level. The flavor seemed to favor more that of Bahamian Goat than MOA Scotch Bonnet. Overall, it was a delicious pod. It would be great in sauces and powders. Also, might be good to cut in half horizontally and fill with some type of cheese mixture and grill or toast, like an extreme popper (or least more so that Jalapeno).


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