7-Pot Wes

7-Pot Wes peppers
7-Pot Wes peppers

7-Pot Wes

Capsicum chinense


History is this was originally a 7-Pot Burgandy grown by Jim Duffy. He got a red and bumpy pod off of one of those plants. He sent that to Wes Lane, who grew and reported back that it had a great flavor and heat. Jim continued growing that strain and named the variant after Wes.


The review pod is one I grew, but the seeds were from White Hot Peppers.

The amount ate: 1/4 pod
Heat: 9
Flavor: 7
Burn Profile: Throat and ears
Effects: heat glow cloud in the throat that descended down to the chest
Cap Cramps: No


This is a very productive plant, some have quasi-tails/center protrusions others are just wrinkly and bumpy.  When cut open, lots of capsicum oil, the white lining on the interior walls, and a lot of placental tissue in the center.

I tried a vertical slice, excluding the seeds and placenta. The flavor was good, a little 7-Pot floral aroma, a little sweet flavor with very little bitterness. Upon swallowing I felt a heat explosion in the general throat area, that spread outward, then descended down to my chest.

I didn’t get any adverse effects, no cap cramps at all.


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