White Hot Lime

White Hot Lime
White Hot Lime
White Hot Lime cross section
White Hot Lime cross-section

White Hot Lime

Capsicum chinense


The White Hot Lime is a pepper discovered and sold by White Hot Peppers.  It originally showed up from Black Bhutlah seeds in 2016 and has been grown out since.


The review pod is one I grew, but the seeds were from White Hot Peppers.

The amount ate: 1/4 pod
Heat: 8
Flavor: 6
Burn Profile: Tongue, back of the throat
Effects: none
Cap Cramps: Yes


The pod ripes to a mustard/chartreuse color and can get fairly large. There is some variation, but most have a moruga scorpion shape. They are fairly thick-walled. The aroma has a hint of lime and floral. The flavor is citrus/floral. Heat is pretty intense, in the super-hot range, but not excessively hot. The piece I ate gave me cap cramps fairly soon after I ate it, but they went away quickly. The experience was similar to the Mustard Moruga Scorpion, but not quite as hot.


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