How to identify and eliminate broad mites

I just posted a video on identifying and getting rid of broad mites. I basically cut off the affected leaves, and spray the plants with a mixture of sulfur and water. I show in the video how to look for signs of broad mite infestation, and how to use magnification to see them.

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Materials needed for ending broad mites:

Sulfur –
Sprayer –
Jeweler’s Loupe –

Some of the plants shown in the video were in one of my AutoPot systems. For 10% off your order through AutoPot USA, use the discount coupon code pepperdactyl10 or follow this link

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Growing peppers with AutoPot products + AutoPot discount code

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For 10% off AutoPot products, used the coupon code pepperdactyl10 or follow this link to have the coupon code automatically applied ->

This is my first year trying Autopot products, and so far I am impressed. Currently, I have two separate setups on my front porch. One has a 12-gallon reservoir attached to an Easy2Go valve, sitting in a 4×2 tray that is feeding seven three-gal container pepper plants. The other setup also has a 12-gallon reservoir but is feeding three plants, each with its own auto valve. One is in a 3.9-gallon pot, the other two are in 5-gallon fabric pots. I started feeding the plants GH MaxiGro, but have switched to GH MaxiBloom.

Before setting these up, I used another product that AutoPot sells, called Coco Mat. These fit in their trays and allow nutrients to wick up through the bottoms of the pots, which are sitting on top. I used this method for staging my peppers after coming out of the AeroGardens until they were ready to plant outside in their final containers.

I recommend going to the AutoPot USA website and starting with a complete kit, but while you’re there purchase some extra tubing and fittings. This will allow to you expand and/or replace as needed. It’ll save you to purchase the extras now instead of paying shipping on them later.

Remember to use the coupon code pepperdactyl10 on the AutoPot USA website for 10% off your purchase. You can use this as many times as you want.

Claber Video 2-Cycle water timer unboxing and installation

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My Orbit timer has started having issues where it won’t turn off when it’s supposed to. I bought a 2 cycle timer from Drip Depot called the Claber Video 2-Cycle Water Timer.


The box contained the timer, quick connect fitting and instruction manual. The front lifts up to reveal a display screen and buttons for setting the time, daily schedule on/off for two times in one 24 hour period, programming for which days of the week to water and manual settings.


Installation is very easy. All the components can be hand tightened, no need for tools (which I used before I read the instructions). The top connects to the water source, and beginning of the drip system connects to the bottom, so it sits about the drip system.


The only issue I had, which wasn’t with the timer itself, but with the quick connect part that came with it. This is designed to allow for easy connecting and disconnecting. There is something wrong with mine, or the way I am using it, but it leaks water everywhere. I took mine off and connect it directly. Since I have the timer on a Y-Splitter, there is no need for quick connect/disconnects.

I have used this throughout the 2017 grow season and had no issues with it. It’s a very reliable timer.


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