2019 Pepper grow update #1 – 01/21/19 seeds started

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I started seeds for the 2019 pepper grow. I’m mostly starting seeds in my AeroGarden Bounty and AeroGarden Sprout. I also have a DIY grower that I just built, and trying for the first time. Here’s the list (links to a Google Sheet) so far.

Bih Jolokia update

My hydroponic Bih Jolokia plant almost died when the air pump stopped working. The curled and dropped, and it developed severe root rot. I pruned the roots and branches and washed the roots with a water hose.  I changed out the nutrients several times, treating with 2-3 dropperfuls of 35% h2o2.  I moved the plant to a smaller grow tent under smaller veg lights. It has made a significant improvement, root rot is gone and there is a lot of fresh regrowth coming back.


Pepper grow update – 7/21/18

Chocolate UnReaper pod
Chocolate UnReaper

Since the last two week update, I’ve seen a lot of new growth and pod production. Several pods are starting to turn ripe. The modified hempy design buckets in conjunction with the drip irrigation system are doing well.


Grow update 07/08/18

7-Pot Peach pods
7-Pot Peach

This is an update on my pepper grow for 7/8/18. I’m getting a lot of really cool pod shapes on some of the peppers. Overall the plants look very good. The Bih Jolokia inside is doing great in DWC, has lots of pods.

Currently, the drip system plants are getting 10 minutes, twice a day fed Dyna-Gro 7-9-5.  All of my drip system parts (except for the injector) came from Drip Depot.