Pepper grow update – 7/21/18

Chocolate UnReaper pod
Chocolate UnReaper

Since the last two week update, I’ve seen a lot of new growth and pod production. Several pods are starting to turn ripe. The modified hempy design buckets in conjunction with the drip irrigation system are doing well.


Grow update 07/08/18

7-Pot Peach pods
7-Pot Peach

This is an update on my pepper grow for 7/8/18. I’m getting a lot of really cool pod shapes on some of the peppers. Overall the plants look very good. The Bih Jolokia inside is doing great in DWC, has lots of pods.

Currently, the drip system plants are getting 10 minutes, twice a day fed Dyna-Gro 7-9-5.  All of my drip system parts (except for the injector) came from Drip Depot.


Grow update – 06/24/18

Drip system plants 6/24/18
Drip system plants 6/24/18

This is a bi-weekly update on my pepper grow. I’m seeing lots of growth and pod production. So far the modified hempy design (drain to waste bato/dutch bucket) on the drip system is working out well. Right now I’m most impressed with the pods on the StarrRacha Bonnet and Ghor-Pion plants.

StarrRacha Bonnet pod
StarrRacha Bonnet

Ghor-Pion pod


Pepper grow update – 06/09/18

Chocolate Bhutlah DM plant

This is an update on my pepper plants. The drip system has been running for a couple of weeks, and so far the plants are doing well. I have a few more that need to be moved to permanent homes and hope to complete that within the next week or two.


Pepper grow update 05/26/18

Drip system plants
Drip system plants

I moved most of my plants out to the drip system. Heavy rainfall has slowed progress, hope to have the rest done today or tomorrow.