C. chacoense pod on plant
C. chacoense pod


Capsicum chacoense


This is a wild capsicum species.


The seed came from pods sent to be by Bhuter on thehotpepper.


Amount eaten: Whole pod
Heat: <1
Flavor: 7
Burn Profile: mouth, tongue
Effects: None.
Cap Cramps:  None.


The pods pop off the stem very easily. The pod size is very tiny and thin-walled, full of seeds. Removing seeds appeared to have removed a lot of the flavor as well, as all I was left with was the tiny walls. I needed a second pod that I could have eaten whole. The flavor was a little unique, not very bitter. It had brief, sharp heat, not super intense. I think it would taste great dried or cooked with.


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CO 1225 (Possible Cross)

CO 1225, possibly crossed

Eximium CO 1225 pod on plant

Eximium CO 1225 pod cut open

Capsicun eximium

This is supposed to be Capsicum eximium, CO 1225. The seed came from a seed train. I can’t find any info on this pepper, or what it is supposed to look like. I’ve seen some pics of general unidentified eximium pods, and they were small, berry-like. Also, the flowers don’t look like other eximium flower photos I’ve seen. The plant itself is beautiful, the stems are purple and grey and covered with fuzz.

Heat: 2
Flavor: 5
Burn Profile: Light, prickly heat roof of mouth.
Effects: None
Cap Cramps Potential: None

This pod came from my Aerogarden, growing in a Bounty Elite. The pod ripened to bright red, and was long cylindrical shaped, more or less. The skin was very, very thin and hard like plastic, but was flexible, not brittle. It was hard to break it down chewing. The insides were juicy, almost mushy. Flavor was mild and sweet. The aroma and taste was like no pepper I’ve ever had. There were a lot of seeds. I don’t know what it would be good for, maybe powder.

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