Chocolate Plague hot sauce review

I recently purchased a bottle of Chocolate Plague hot sauce from a jerky shop in Helen, GA. It was a bit pricey, but I think it was a limited run edition from Puckerbutt pepper company. This was made in collaboration with Steven McLaurin, who created the version of Chocolate Bhutlah featured in this hot sauce.

This one of the better tasting sauces I’ve had for the level of heat it brought. A little goes a long way, but the flavor is very good. You can taste the Chocolate Bhutlah, along with the vinegar which gives it a nice twang.

I did find it for sale on Amazon, much cheaper than I paid in the store.

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Here’s my review on YouTube.

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D3 Pepper’s Angry Jack hot sauce review

D3's Angry Jack Hot Sauce
D3’s Angry Jack Hot Sauce

Review of D3 Pepper’s Angry Jack hot sauce.

  • Flavor (1-10) : 7
  • Heat (1-10) : 7

Very nice hot sauce from D3 Pepper’s featuring a multitude of peppers including some of his personal crosses. Overall the sauce to me was very good, smoky and hot, with a good balance of vinegar tanginess and some sweetness. The heat was very impressive but not overwhelming.

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Pique Carib hot sauces revew

Pique Carib Guyaba and Guyaba Pina

 Pique Carib sauces


The Pique Carib line of sauces were created by Jesus Rosario. At this time, he currently had two sauces under the Pique Carib label; Guyaba and Guyaba Pina. The pina version has pineapple added. I believe both have guava fruit. I’m not sure what all the ingredients are, but know it’s from his personal collection of peppers that he grows. I ‘think’ there might be some Bonda ma Jacques in there somewhere, but that’s just speculative.


Amount tasted: teaspoon
Heat: 3
Flavor:  8 – Very sweet, tropical
Burn Profile: Tongue
Effects: None
Cap Cramps Potential: None


I will combine both sauces in the same review, as they were very similar.  The sauces came in plastic sauce bottles, with lids that pop open. Jesus said they are food safe and manufactured locally in Puerto Rico.  The sauce had a pretty thin consistency, with a few pieces of fruit and seed floating around. The heat was on the mild end for chili heads, but higher end for non chili heads who like hot stuff. I think it was a perfect level to enjoy the flavor while getting a nice mouth burn. I would say the heat was lower-medium for me. The non-pina sauce seemed a tad hotter. Both were very, very sweet. The base flavor seemed about the same, the pineapple came through on the pina version. This is a great condiment when you want a sweeter sauce, that you can use liberally. The balance of heat, sweet and overall flavor is very good.


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Elijah’s Xtreme Reaper Sauce review

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Elijah's Xtreme Reaper Sauce bottle

Elijah's Xtreme Reaper Sauce bottle label description

I reviewed Elijah’s Xtreme Reaper Sauce yesterday. I found this hot sauce at a local Ingle’s supermarket, but is also available at Amazon. It is produced in Gastonia North Carolina, near Charlotte. The flavor is very good, has kind of a dark sweet blend. The main flavor ingredients are Black Cherries and Cranberries, but they are overshadowed by the bourbon, vanilla, and sugar flavors. You can still taste the fruit though, but first impressions were the bourbon and vanilla. Although the label and description on the bottle imply a very hot sauce, the heat is actually pretty mild (to medium). It started with a stinging tongue burn, then overall mouth. The heat kind of radiated, but at no point was it very hot. I think you could use this liberally on anything you would use sweet flavored condiments on. Probably would go great with a Thanksgiving meal with all the cranberries in it. Elijah’s also has a Ghost Pepper sauce, which I have not tried. I saw another review saying that it was hotter than the Reaper sauce, so I’m assuming it has a higher concentration of peppers. The next time I’m at Ingles and see it available I’ll buy a bottle and do a review on it.

Ingredients shown on the label:
Black Cherries, brown sugar, tomato paste, cranberry sauce, Carolina Reaper Peppers, Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, white onion, vinegar, vanilla extract, sea salt.

Video review:

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