Dystopia, Yellow

Dystopia, Yellow

Capsicum chinense

Yellow Dystopia pepper

This pod was sent to me by Michael Christensen. It was extremely hot for a yellow pod. I detected three flavors before the heat slammed me. There was an initial sweetness, then a flavor I can’t identify, after that came some citrus. The pain started in my mouth, then moved back of my throat and stayed there for several minutes.

Heat: 7
Flavor: 7
Heat profile: mouth, then back of throat and Eustacian tubes
Effects: Chllls
Cap Cramps: none

I don’t any info on its origin, except that it was created by Wes Lane. There is also a red version.

Video Review:

How to preserve peppers – Dehydrating and freezing methods

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I made this video the other day after harvesting a bunch of my peppers. Freezing and dehydrating are two methods that I use most often when preserving peppers. it’s a quick and easy way to put them up for future use. I’ve found that vacuum sealing them is key for long-term preservation.

Tools used in this video:
Presto Dehydro
Extra trays
Foodsaver vacuum sealer
Sealer bags (I recommend the generic type it will save a lot of money and they work just as well)
Jar sealer attachment (Used for sealing mason jars, not shown in the video but was mentioned and is something I use often)

Grow update 2016 Harvest

Pulled a bunch of peppers over the last couple of days. This is probably one of the last updates for the 2016 growing season. Our first frost should be here any day now so I’m trying to get these picked and put up as soon as possible. I forgot to mention the Kraken Scorpion and Super Hot Beast I picked, had a pretty good harvest on those as well.

Fatalii, Black

Black Fatalii

Capsicum chinense

Black Fatalii pod

Black Fatalii pod cut open

Capsicum Chinense

The Black Fatalii is a Pepperlover experimental strain, offered in 2015.

Heat: 5
Flavor: 8
Heat profile: Mouth, tongue
Effects: none
Cap Cramps Potential: none

The Black Fatalii pod had a dark, sweet, smoky flavor and smell. The heat was very good.

Video review:


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