Pex Peppers Atomic Purple Hot Sauce

Back in February 2020, Pex Peppers shared a few of their recipes online. This is the Atomic Purple recipe ingredients list. I made a form that will derive the grams of ingredients based on the grams of peppers.

From Pex Peppers: Please note, the vinegar used in these recipes is DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR unless otherwise specified. Weights are in Grams. To make these sauces, put ingredients in a pot, bring to a boil for 10 minutes and then blend via immersion blender. Bottle them at least at 190 degrees F and flip them onto their lids for at least 60 seconds for proper sterilization.

My notes: My deviation would be to boil the raw ingredients as above. Then let it cool enough that it can be blended. Blend in a blender, then add the sauce back to the saucepan and boil again to 190F for 10 minutes. I also would add a tiny bit of xantham gum, like 1/4 tsp for a small batch, when blending.

Atomic Purple Hot Sauce (Pex Peppers Recipe)

Ingredient Weight
Ghost Pepper 1815 Gr
Vinegar 945 Gr
Blueberry 910 Gr
Strawberry 465 Gr
Honey 380 Gr
Salt 7 Gr

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